M27500 Twisted Shielded Wire Technical Data
  M27500 wire is shielded and jacketed, twisted pair cable. M27500 specification is commonly used in avionics, aerospace and airframe applications but also works well in motorsport applications that require twisted/shielded wire. WIRED stocks several types of commonly used multi-conductor shielded M27500 spec tables.  
Military Specification Wire & Cable Types by Manufacturer
Component Material Conductor Wall (insul) Wire Type AWG V Temp
/16 Extruded ETFE Tin-Plated CU     24-00 600  
/18 Extruded ETFE Tin-Plated CU     26-10 600  
/32 Extruded ETFE Tin-Plated CU .0005 in.   30-12 600  
Part# Example: M27500 - 18 TG 2 T 14
M27500 18 TG 2 T 14
Cable Spec AWG M22759/18 Number of Screen Jacket
    Components Components Type Material
Component Material Conductor Wall (insul) Wire Type AWG V Temp
SB M22759/32 Extruded XLETFE (55A0111) Jacket style '23' Tin-Plated CU .0005 in.   30-12 600  
TE Mil-W-22759/16 Tin-Plated CU     24-00 600  
TG Mil-W-22759/18 Tin-Plated CU     26-10 600  
MIL-C-27500 Screen Style Symbols
Single Double   Double Screen Symbol Temp (C)
T V Tin-Plated Copper-Round   150 Degrees
U   No Screen    
Mil-C-27500 Jacket Style Symbols
Single Double    
00 00 No Jacket Temp (C)
14 64 Extruded White ETFE 150 Degrees
23 73 Extruded White XL Modified ETFE 150 Degrees
  NOTE: The information contained in this data sheet is based on information supplied by the manufacturer and is believed to be the most recent and reliable information available. BMRS WIRED is not responsible nor liable for the information and test results received by the manufacturer of these products.  
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