RT125 Two-Part Epoxy Technical Information
  RT125 Flexible High Performance Epoxy Adhesive  
RT125 is the industry standard adhesive for high performance cable harness assemblies.
Typical Curing Properties
Work Life at 23°C: 90 Minutes
Time to Handling at 23°C: 24 Hours
Time to Full Cure at 23°C: 7 Days
Time to Full Cure at 85°C: 2 Hours
Typical Performance (Measurements at 23°C)
Lap Shear (Al / Al): 20 MPa
Peel Strength (XLPE/XLPE): 370 N / 25mm
Peel Strength after Thermal Shock (4hrs@215°C): 370 N / 25mm
Dynamic Shear (Backshell/Boot/Cable. Shell Size 22): 520 N
Solvent Resistance:
(De-Icing Fluid, Petrol, Lubricating Oil, Hydraulic Fluid)
Operating Temperature: -75°C to +150°C
Conforms to the requirements of VG95343 Pt 15 and BS G 198 Part 5.
  NOTE: The information contained in this data sheet is based on information supplied by the manufacturer and is believed to be the most recent and reliable information available. BMRS WIRED is not responsible nor liable for the information and test results received by the manufacturer of these products.  

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