S1125 Adhesive Technical Information  
S1125 is a flexible two part epoxy adhesive available in a range of kit formats. The duo-syringe, applicator and mixing nozzle provide an easy to use system, that requires no mixing, can be used again, if re-sealed after use, ensuring minimal waste.
Operating Temperature: -55ºC to +150ºC
Features & Benefits
• Easy to Use, No Mixing Required and Less Waste
• Can be Applied Directly to the Application
• Once Mixed the Adhesive Has a 1 to 2hr Pot Life at Room Temperature
• Suitable for Use With a Wide Range of Materials and Applications
Typical Properties
  Performance Test Method
Mechanical Lap Shear Strength    
Aluminum to Aluminum 7KN RK6619 Clause 2.1
DR-25 to DR
-25-25 to -25
Peel Strength
Aluminum to DR-25
100N RK6619 Clause 2.2
Thermal Lap Shear Strength    
Aluminum to Aluminum    
@ -40°C 6.5KN RK6619 Clause 2.1
@ +100°C 200N
@ +150°C 1500N
Chemical Fluid Resistance Excellent Lap Shear Strength
after immersion in fluid
for 24 hours
@ +70°C
ISO1817 Excellent
Lubricating Oil O-149 Excellent
Hydraulic Fluid H-515 Excellent
Diesel Fuel F--54 Excellent
Water Excellent
Specifications Raychem RK6619
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