Producing top quality work depends on using the proper tools. All of our hand crimp tools are ratcheting, ensuring that a proper crimp has been produced before the tool will release.
  Description Part#
  Delphi Metri-Pack Crimp Tool 12039500
    Accepts 22AWG thru 16AWG wire.  
  Delphi Weather Pack Crimp Tool 12014254
    Accepts 20AWG thru 14AWG wire.  
  Crimp Tool W-HTR-2262-A
    A crimp tool that works with contact part numbers  
    AMG-794606-1, 12089290 and 12064971 which are commonly  
    used for electric gauges and sending units.  
    Accepts 30AWG thru 22AWG wire.  
  Crimp Tool RT-Tool
    A crimp tool that is ideal for use with steel ring terminals.  
    The ratcheting design applies the extra force necessary for  
    crimp steel terminals. It also works great with non-insulated  
    splices and brazed seam non-insulated terminals.  
    Accepts 18AWG thru 8AWG wire.  
  Crimp Tool AD-1377
    This crimp tool meets mil spec M22520/37-01. It is a ratcheting  
    crimp tool designed for Raychem D436-36, 37, & 38 splices.  
    Accepts 26AWG thru 12AWG wire.  
  Delphi Crimp Tool 12085271
    This 2 step crimper is ideal for use on core wiring for Metri Pack  
    150 and 280 ¬†series contacts. The ratcheting design provides  
    for an ideal crimp.  
  DMC Miniature Adjustable Crimp Tool


    This crimp tool is designed for most of the miniature and sub-  
    miniature connector types that are widely used in electronic  
    systems. It meets the need for a miniature tool accommodating  
    wire sizes 20 through¬†32 AWG. The crimper gives a Mil-  
    Standard 8 impression crimp, which assures maximum  
    tensile strength. The precision ratchet assures consistently  
    accurate crimps every time. It has a built-in 8 step selector  
    knob for dialing the correct crimp depth setting for the wire  
    being used. Made for use with a wide variety of positioners  
    required for specific contacts. Please call for more information.  
  Contact Retention Tools  
    These tools are designed to check that retention of contacts in  
    connectors meet specifications.  
    Call for your specific application.  
  Deutsch Crimp Tool HDT-48-00
    Designed fro use with all size 20, 16 and 12 solid contacts.  
    Accepts 12AWG thru 20AWG wire.  
  Deutsch Heavy-Duty Crimp Tool HDT-04-08
    Designed for size 8 and 4 contacts. This non-ratcheting crimp  
    tool is recommended for field service only.  
    Please call or email for additional information.  
  Pneumatic Power Crimp Tool HDP-400
    Can be used with a variety of crimp die sets covering the  
    complete range of Deutsch solid contacts and many other  
    contact styles. Custom die sets can also be used with an  
    optional foot pedal actuator (Part# HDP-400-104).  
    NOTE: Crimp die sets sold separately.  
    Please call or email for additional information.  
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