Wired will provide un-paralleled support and be a valuable resource for your race team. Wired is a custom design electrical harness shop which focuses solely on the performance racing industry. We will support your team by assisting or building a better, more reliable electrical system for your race team. Our dedication to service and reliability is second to none.
We are capable of producing one-off designs or multiple harness production runs. We can build to print or assist in the design and development of your high performance electrical system with our on staff engineers. Utilizing 3D CAD modeling, harnesses are designed with an emphasis on reliability, weight savings and ease of installation.
Wired staff and engineers are experienced veterans from the racing industry. Every electrical system is engineered and produced using carefully selected connectors and wire that are the best in terms of function, quality and cost effectiveness. Wired also uses the highest quality mil-spec components available.
Wired has years of experience in the design and manufacture of traditional racecar accessory as well as EFI, engine management and dyno harnessing. We have continually responded to issues that arise within the racing industry with specialized products and services and will continue to do so for years to come.
Our designers always stay current with NASCAR rules for wire harnesses. Be assured, you will go to the track with a compliant (under current rules) electrical harness from Wired.
Wired designs all harnesses using a modular concept. Rather than "point-to-point" wiring, a modular harness is much easier to install. More importantly, in the event of damage to your harness, it allows you to repair your electrical system at the track much faster, getting you back on track quicker. We know you don't want to spend time at the track diagnosing and rewiring electrical problems. With a Wired modular harness, you simply unplug and replace the damaged section.
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