Heavy Gauge Technical Data
Silicone Cable Description:   Welding Cable Description:
Silicone Insulated Hook Up Wire is recommended for high temperature applications. Excellent flexibility tinned copper strands with a Besilen EI2 insulation offers a great option for alternator and/or starter leads. Operatring temperatures range from -40°C to +180°C (-40°F to +356°F) with flame retardant and self-extinguishing compabilities.   Highly flexible annealed 30 gauge bare copper conductor, insulated with an EPDM jacket and paper separator. Operating temperatures range from -50°C to +105°C (-58°F to +221°F) and rated to 600 volts. The insulation offers good resistance to heat aging and is resistant to sunlight, oil and grease making it a good option for battery hook up or starter cable for your high performance racing application.
Welding Cable
Gauge Stranding O.D. Resistance Ohms/1,000 ft.
1/0 988/.010 0.533 0.110
2 624/.010 0.420 0.167
4 364//.010 0.348 0.287
6 259/.010 0.320 0.406
Suggested Ampacity for Welding Cable
Gauge 50' 75' 100' 125'
1/0 350 250 200 150
2 200 150 100 100
4 100 100    
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