Description Part#
  Master Disconnect Switch MD-1
    Housing: Metal  
    Contacts: Silver (2)  
    Rated: 180 amps nominal / 375 amps surge @ 2 minutes /  
    800 amps surge @ 15 seconds  
  Master Disconnect Switch (Removable Key) MD-2
    Housing: Plastic  
    Contacts: Silver (2)  
    Rated: 100 amps nominal  
  Master Disconnect Switch (Removable Key) MD-5
    Housing: Plastic
NOTE: The MD-5 Master Disconnect Switch provides 2 separate output terminals. This allows the alternator current to be isolated from the accessories and the ignition system, preventing the engine from running on after the switch is turned off.
    Contacts: Silver (3)  
    Rated: 150 amps nominal  
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